Ah…the Holidays! 🎄 Making Cards

Ah…the Holidays! 🎄 Making Cards

Such a mix of emotions accompany each day and a sick 2 year old adds an extra complication that makes creating a bit like chasing chickens—sometimes a handful of feathers is all that results. Fortunately there are three of us to care for our little chick safe.

Ok. Back to the serious business of card creation! The photos that are in this blog are from the latest batch of art-ready card material that has emerged from a box labeled: Possibilities. While I have been busy tweeting the artwork—if it’s not framed or bagged—to get it just right, Mariah has been measuring, embellishing, fonting (that’s the verb form of choosing and making a font that is suitable in sentiment, size, color and feel) AND calculating all the other variables that result in a beautiful product: The Card!

It’s so funny because when it’s finished, in proper card form, Mariah will say, “What do you think, Mom?” and invariably I will answer, “Oh, my! That really is my favorite so far!”. Honestly, that is how we feel about each and every card.

When the photos come up showing a finished card, be aware that much agony and ecstasy are embodied in each one.

To those of you who are interested in how something is made or the process involved, please let us know and we will either give directions to an existing video or describe the steps. Disclaimer: it needs to be said that many times what is there is because of that famous often-used phrase, “Happy accident”. That being the case, replication may or may not be possible but try we will.

Thank you for the responses and comments. All are truly valued and appreciated.

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