Stickers, The Perfect Swatch Sticker

Perfect Swatch Sticker

Stickers, The Perfect Swatch Sticker

One of the factors in successful printing or painting is knowing the opacity of the color being used. This can be difficult to predict even when the brand has ” swatched ” paint. Enter the color swatch sticker with built-in value gradation and some PM promotion!

Having tried many different papers printed with a value gradation, it is MOST gratifying to find one that only has the value scale but is printing on self-adhesive paper for ease of attachment to the particular paint be it tube, bottle, or even jar. These matte paper stickers from AllStickerPrinting were the perfect solution for sticking power and the finish for paint to be applied. We couldn’t be more excited about sharing our experience with these fine stickers and looking forward to offering them in our new shop (coming soon)! 

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