Author - Mariah Rushing

PM artist Studio Glossary

Phrases and terminology used by Patricia (P) and Mariah (M) of PM artist Studio during their live streams.

In her American Texan accent, Patricia often uses colloquialisms or her own phrases to describe her techniques, results, or products. Though she was a school art teacher for many many years, her own...

Social Media Arty Friends

Arty Friends Social Media Links

Here you will find many of our Arty Friends and the many ways you can support them across their social media!

Fran on the Edge 

Ceri Griffiths


Darcy’s Misadventures with Mixed Media


Eddie Makes Art




Estella Banks


Cheran - TextureJunkies 

Christy Hartman


Myriam (Artcurious by MNW)

Perfect Swatch Sticker

Stickers, The Perfect Swatch Sticker

One of the factors in successful printing or painting is knowing the opacity of the color being used. This can be difficult to predict even when the brand has " swatched " paint. Enter the color swatch sticker with built-in value gradation and some PM promotion! Having tried many different papers...