Rhonda Dohna – Meet the Designer

Rhonda Dohna PM Designer

Rhonda Dohna – Meet the Designer

“Make what you want. Nothing else matters.”

A lifetime creator and art enthusiast, Rhonda Dohna was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, with two sisters. Her early life was influenced by the military as her Dad was a U.S. Air Force pilot who survived three wars. Sadly, when Rhonda was just 11 years old, her beloved Dad passed away from a sudden brain aneurysm at just 43 years old. Rhonda’s Mother was as ‘wonderful as she could have been’, but their sudden loss found the three sisters growing up suddenly that year.

Rhonda’s art life began in early childhood with and has found her working in watercolors, digital art, pen and ink, paper, journaling, mixed media, quilting, knitting, sewing, embroidery, textile art, clay, and macrame, among others. She has always been an artist and continues to experiment, grow and apply her vast experience to stencil designs.

For many years, Rhonda owned a quilt pattern business and has been published in quilt magazines and books. An observer of all things around her, Rhonda finds inspiration wherever she is. The smallest holes and ridges in cement, the veins of a leaf, the architecture of a building, carvings, and all types of art can inspire her creations.

Working in her dedicated art studio, Rhonda prefers working in the morning (after coffee, of course), utilizing natural light. You can find her there most days with a cup of hot coffee nearby. Always coffee. She rarely creates after sunset. Currently, she is working primarily in watercolor painting and gel prints. Her wide-ranging artistic endeavors came together in mixed media, after finding Makers of Mixed Media Art/Artists. Her favorite palette of colors includes gray, neutrals, and black, with some pink, orange, and gold.

Currently living in San Diego with her husband of 36 years and their big German Shepherd named Jack, Rhonda is a Scorpio with a deep sense of loyalty. The happy couple have two children and enjoyed riding motorcycles until Rhonda could no longer ride. Though she rarely leaves home now, a strong belief in the paranormal, parapsychology, spirits, elements, mystics, alien life, universal unknowns, and psychics expands Rhonda’s field of vision. She finds peace in solitude, with Jack the dog following her everywhere.

Gryphonshale, Rhonda’s screen name on social media, is the name of her fictional kingdom. When not creating art or designing a new stencil for PM artist Studio, Rhonda enjoys rain and storms of all kinds. She loves historical textiles, knights, dragons, and, of course, coffee. Or a nice sipping whiskey.

You can find Rhonda on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Twitch, with the screen name Gryphonshale. Or google her name to see some of her amazing quilt patterns!


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