Weekend Wonders Spotlights

Weekend Wonders Spotlights

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this weekend, July 14-16, 2023, on YouTube and found:

Friday Friends & Fun

Multiple Stencils, Multiple Layers

Christy Hartman explains step by step how complex gel prints can be made from multiple stencils and layers. She ends up with a One Pull Wonder, for sure. She used these stencils for this tutorial:

These two stencils look like they were born to be used together!

She’s Fran-tastic!

Fran OnTheEdge shares some do-it-yourself pattern and texture-making items, plays with some of her homemade colors, and gets her gel plates off to pull some prints. I spied some stencils in action on her art:

  • Howl, a character from her prototype set of Elementals
  • Earth, a character from that same prototype set
  • Flower Urchins by Fran Baker
  • Trilobites by Fran Baker

If you’ve never seen someone clean their a gel plate, Fran takes a roll of packing tape to hers to remove some edges and spots that were left over, and then uses cutting board mineral oil on it to finish it up and condition it. Voila! Clean plate.

Saturday’s Spotlight Destinations

Mariah’s Card Game

PM Artist Studio’s YouTube Short shows Mariah’s new card game, “Guess That Stencil” with a deck of 23 gorgeous and unique Artist Trading/Keeping Cards. So, go name all the stencils in a comment! I dare you!

No Spoiler from me this time!

Mission Inspiration

The Shelley Studio works in a journal and shows you the step-by-step build of each layer and mixed media component as she creates a beautiful double-page spread. Stencils spotted:

Make A Custom Shaped Display Book And Celebrate

TextureJunkies is celebrating a subscriber milestone in this video, and demonstrating a way to make a custom-shaped fan-out art book! Don’t miss Cheran’s instructions about how to enter her July contest for a prize. You’ll see some PM Artist Stencils on her pages, too!

I think her Cathedral-Window-shaped book would look incredible with Mister Ceri’s Window Tracery Gothic Stencil Masks to keep track of everything from mark making to swatches, to window views. Or maybe one of the cool Gate-shaped Stencils.

Spectacular Image Transfer

Froyle Art fills two journal pages during Numbers Week of the 100 Days of Collage that begin with white stamping of her new Coded Numbers foam stamps on a blank wet strength tissue. She lets this dry and then makes beautiful sepia image transfers on the gel plate with the numbered tissue paper, giving an incredible layered look to her two lovely ladies. Pick your favorite numbers foam stamp, or choose them all, and start creating.

Froyle is always teaching as she makes these incredible art videos. Be sure to listen to her tips.

Creatives in the Limelight on Sunday

Mariah Gets Arty on Sunday!

PM Artist Studio, with Mariah filling in for Patricia, she opens up that beautiful journal by Akiko and works some watercolor and stamp magic to turn into art pages inside. Brad is riding shotgun today, but not on screen. Stencil sightings on some of her saved papers:

And the Featured Foam Stamp she used:

ARTY TIP: Use parts of your stamp to extend the design or turn it around for variations of the stamped image.

Ohmygosh, wait for the gold watercolor with the foam stamp. What a HUGE payoff that move is!


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