Weekend Art Happens, As Seen in the Wild

Weekend Art Happens, As Seen in the Wild

SPOTLIGHTS Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30, 2023

Judy P Lights Up the Gel Press with a Long Haul Stencil Technique

Creating beautiful and unique designs with stencils, Judy works on her gel plate with Vintage Bulbs Stencil Masks, These stylized and original stencil designs pays homage to electric bulb shapes from past decades. Then layering them with multiple colors of paint on a gel plate, she creates stunning, multi-colored prints on rice paper. Check out Judy’s new flowing motif of film rolls called, Roll’em and Reel gets into the action for even more inspiration for your next mixed media art project.

Now all I want to know is where I need to send my bribe to get those amazing stencil film strips she shows!

Julie’s Tip for Hand-Made Extras to Match the Digital Kit

Julie Torrens demonstrates her easy technique to creating digital art extras. She will use them to embellish the Boho Journal, using PM Artist Studio’s Always Flowers Boho Digital Kit. She begins by using a waste sheet from a magazine, painted in columns of excess paint, Then she adds simple flowers and shapes with Posca Pens. Finally, use the new dried page to form new embellishments. Because they are such simple doodles, anyone can create stunning  matching designer touches for their projects. Discover Julie’s charming trick for making coordinating extras for any creative project and up your game!

Stencils on a Mini Book Turn A Ho-Hum Print Stellar

Cheran guides viewers through the process of creating a pocketed itty bitty mini book from a single page. Step-by-step, she shows you where to fold and cut. Then she adds more visual interest with stencil accents on both sides of the page. Stenciling with Ceri The Crafter’s Fly Away Home Stencil Set and the Tracery Mandala Stencil Mask, she decorates pages with intricate touches. To complete the mini book, incorporate tiny saved photos, gel printed tissue designs, and other ephemera to go with the tea tag wisdom bits. Don’t stop there! Follow Cheran’s lead and use another not-quite-so-stunning print page, your favorite stencils, and get arty to make a second incredible mini book. Give something your unique twist using these #TeaBagWisdom techniques. Keep an eye out for that hashtag to see inspiring creations from other mixed media artists. Why not add your creation?

Froyle’s Secret Stencil Mask Tips for Creating Collage on Canvas

original stencil designs creates large piece of wall artIn this newest video from the 100 Days of Collage series, Froyle Davies demonstrates her expertise as an artist when she creates a featured piece of wall art for Mum. She begins by matching colors with Mum’s room. Then she selects a collection of her hand made collage papers. Many of the papers are made with a focus from two stencils – the Funky Leaf stencil mask by Rhonda Dohna and the Dream Big Poem Script Stencil, an original stencil design she created for PM Artist Studio. With her techniques and decision-making process explained, you’ll witness this work of art come alive before your eyes. Froyle’s stencil-enhanced papers play a significant role in her creative process today. We’re lucky to have her teaching these creative methods. Keep an eye out for the focal pieces she uses to enhance the final piece, it may surprise you!

Pop Art Chickens are Next Level

pop culture stencil art with chickensDevonRex4Art uses an assortment of stencils to create stunning and unique designs on her gel plate. In this video, she transforms a simple wooden chicken decorating piece from the Dollar Store into a huge stamp, creating an explosion of colors and stencil shapes. Next, she uses both Acrylics and Pan Pastels to add vibrant colors, peppering each chicken with a different original stencil design. Yolande starts with the Broken Honeycomb power stencil and adds more stencil touches to give individuality to each chicken in the pattern. Finally, she finishes up with the Dazed Galactice Petticoats stencil, creating intricate detailing and filling those left-over edge parts.

I love that Yolande explains how to use stencils to make this Pop Art effect. She discusses the importance of knowing when to wait for something to dry and when you need to rush before it dries. The tutorial is a terrific lesson in combining layers and colors, and it showcases creativity with stencils. By repeating chickens in different colors and patterns, she creates a stunning quilt of Pop Art that is sure to impress. If you’re looking for a next level idea, put your stencils to work and follow her inspiration. Andy Warhol, move over!

Anne and Carol Sunday Afternoon Craft-Along

Making small art in tags with original stencil designAnne and Carol work on their art projects together and catch up with friends in the Sunday afternoon art time. See the beautiful finished postcard Carol made with the Sea Turtle Stencil Mask (by Fran on the Edge), completed with her intricate stitch work. Then Anne works with the Rustic Gears foamie stamp, creating a decked-out Steampunk inspired tag. Don’t miss the up-close look at the turtle stencils and the outer outline part of the stencil that PM Artist includes with each Sea Turtle set. Get inspired to create your own unique projects with these versatile stencils and stamps!

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