Weekend Art Adventures in the Spotlight

Weekend Art Adventures in the Spotlight

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this weekend, June 9-11, 2023, on YouTube and found:

Friday’s Spotlights on Fun

Workshop From The Edge of Imagination

Fran onTheEdge played with layering stencils and prints. See her own version of the Sea Turtles stencil and the Trilobites on a gel plate. Then, for the more adventurous of our readers, you can get a sneak peek at some of Fran’s new mixed media stencil prototypes in action. The names could change, or they may not live up to the exacting standards, but they look pretty awesome:

  • Stained Glass
  • Scroll Play, “Lacy Pattern”
  • Caustics Pattern
  • Incredible Character masks for Elementals: Howl (of the wind) and his friends, the Spirit of the Wild Wood (a dryad), and the Spirit of the Earth, who looks like he could understudy for Bombi, the Abominable Snowman, to me!
  • And a surprising Plague Doctor, complete with creepy mask setup! Wow!

Leave her some feedback about these new designs she is working on.

Painty Tags Made Simple

Next, Darcy’s Misadventures with Mixed Media takes on simple ways to make painted tags. I saw her use her own Peacock Swirls stencil design, along with the Rose Accent Strips by Ceri the Crafter, and the stunning Oriental Lattice Stencil, a PM Artist Studio Original.

MIXED MEDIA TIP: Remember to pre-mix paint colors if using two different consistencies.

Darcy gives us a peek at what looks like new stencil prototypes in classic floral motif decorations.

MIXED MEDIA TIP: Watch her use the stencil to complete the unfinished roses!

Now you can start decorating some tags, papers, and more with inspiration like this!

Saturday’s Spotlight Destinations

The Box of Arty Treasures

Eddiemakesart unwraps his prize package from the big 6,000 subscriber give-away at PM Artist Studio on YouTube. His bags of goodies were part of the Blooming Arts month leftovers, the “Blossoms” goodness that celebrated the month-long effort of Patricia’s stunning book of flowers (links to the YouTube “short” pan of the open panes). I counted over 20 different stencils which had been used on the mini pieces of art as he showed them, it was incredible! How many can you count?

Bringing this full circle, watch the flowers being made, refined, getting a permanent home, and getting finished at the Arty Bloom Playlist of all of PM Artist Studio Live Streams on YouTube in May of 2023.

Take it away, Eddie!

Ultramarine Plus Cheddar Equals Art

Devonrex4art takes on the June Color Combo challenge that features Ultramarine and Cheddar (plus black, white, and your choice of metallic) on her gel plate. She starts with Myriam’s gorgeous Happy Stream stencil. It’s perfect for mixed media stencil work. She’ll add pan pastels before it is over, and then the crowning touches are “pop up” Butterflies of color-popping glory!

The pop up videos that inspired Yolande are at the Artcurious by MNW channel on YouTube, by Myriam.

Megalithic Texture Inspiration

FroyleArt inspires us with her continuing series, the 100 Days of Collage. This week, the theme is Travel, and Froyle is taking us to the mystical Stonehenge to create so much texture. Selecting a stencil which is evocative of tribal designs, Geo Poly, she made her own texture plate to work from, and taught us how as we watched. Stencil plus Molding Paste, plus mat board equals a custom Texture plate!

MIXED MEDIA TIP: Remember to wash the stencil off quickly after using any kind of texture/molding paste.

There’s also smaller scale Geometric Polynesian (Geo Poly) stencils.

Sunday’s Creatives in the Spotlight

Gifts of the Sea

Zandra from the scrapstobeauty channel on YouTube opened up her art journal during a recent swatching video. Inside, she showed us beautiful mermaid page settings. What was swimming in the water? Wonderful and whimsical seahorses from the seahorse stencil! Another page sports the the jellyfish stencil, another mixed media stencil from PM Artist Studio.

MIXED MEDIA TIP: If you run across a stubborn rub-off that won’t … rub off … try a little matte medium with it, and it will rub right off!

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