The Artists in the Weekend Spotlight

The Artists in the Weekend Spotlight

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this weekend, June 21-23, 2023, on YouTube and found these artists using our stencils and stamps with this mixed media extravaganza!

Friday’s Arty Fun

Steampunk Robot Fun

Christy Hartman upcycles with a steampunk robot design. Four Robot characters are featured on each of the four sides of this very clever project.

Saturday’s Spotlight Destinations

Froyle’s Captivating Collage

FroyleArt steps us through a 12 x 12 canvas board that turns into an incredible piece of wall art. You’ll recognize her amazing Dream Big Script poem in a stencil mask as one of the integral parts of this painting. Close your eyes and listen to her read the beautiful scripty words to you. It is inspirational!

Collage Tip: Go ahead, rip it with your hands, it doesn’t need to be straight, right?!

The Sculpture Book for #makerscreativecollab

TextureJunkies builds out dimensionally with an altered tin that houses a sculpture book. Look here for some incredible texture and ideas that are going to send you way over the moon! I spotted these PM Artist Stencils:

Tio Eddie Reads A Nursery Rhyme to You for #makerscreativecollab

EddieMakesArt puts a Nursery Rhyme on display in a little multi-layered pop up creation for this weekend’s hop! And he reads it to us, too! He features a gel printed page made with the Stars stencil in several places to tie it all together.

Mariah’s Magnetic Moving Pop Up for the #makerscreativecollab

PM Artist Studio uses all the magnets in the studio to make this fun and interactive mixed media project for Fly Me To The Moon! Watch for these stencils that were used for the stunning visual effects:

Mixed Media Tip: Use Rubbing Alcohol to remove that annoying writing on the top of plastic containers lids!

A Celestial Doorway for #makerscreativecollab

Pages of an Art Journal flies us to the moon with a beautiful spread of mixed media. Her textures, embellishments, and colors sell the theme with striking style. She uses the PM Artist Studio Stencil, both parts of it:

Mixed Media Tip: Ask for your Inner and Outer pieces when you place your order for stencils!

Celestial Bodies from the Gel Plate for #makerscreativecollab

The Shelley Studio gives us a small tour of the solar system, starting with the Moon. Her creative book is vibrant and full of so many hand-painted spotlights. Look for the Nested Circles stencil to be featured prominently:

Sunday’s Creatives in the Spotlight

The Fairy Journal Cover

ScrapstoBeauty by Zandra is making a Fairy journal! She loves to trim off the margins from her stencils, and. you’ll see the before and after of her trim on the Poppy Fields stencil in the video. You’ll love to see her build up a tree with a door in it for the cover, too!


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