Get’n Arty With New Stamps, Stencils, and Tips

Get’n Arty With New Stamps, Stencils, and Tips

Sunday’s Synopsis for July 23

Notes, links, spotlights, and highlights from the Live Stream with Patricia and Mariah of PM Artist Studio where they demonstrate multiple mixed media techniques with new foam stamps and stencils.

Combining the new stamps with each other and with some doodling, Patricia gets the day off to a quick start on some Yupo scraps and seals it up with some Degas Fixative by SpectraFix.

Look for all the links shown or discussed in the video studio time below the video.

Take-Away Moments

  • Patricia falls in love with the new foam stamps by Ceri Griffiths called Border Builders. There are two sets of these amazing little marks and she is using them for pattern-making.
  • Mariah explains what the difference is between a stencil and a mask!

Get’n Arty

There are brand new stamps and stencils at the PM Artist Studio shop:

  1. Border Builders Foam Stamp Sets Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Ceri Griffiths
  2. Grungy Tread Foam Stamp by JudyP
  3. Indian Paintbrush Stencil by Christy Hartman – did you see how P. cut off the border?
  4. Sticky Geranium Stencil by Christy Hartman
  5. Damask ATC Stencil collection, set of 9 by Darcy Sanders
  6. Forest Floor Stencil by Darcy Sanders
  7. Forest Foliage Stencil by Darcy Sanders – and look at that, another border was trimmed off.
  8. Ovals All Over Stencil by Darcy Sanders
  9. Atlantis Vol 1 (Mermen Sea Nery) Stencil and Vol 2 (Fishy Friends) by Paulla Keen
  10. Falling Frantically People Stencil Set by Fran Baker
  11. Leaf Motifs Stencil by Joan Miron

SHOPPING TIP: Remember to ask for your outer and inner bits!

A Live Stencil Trimming Session

Patricia displays how she turns a stencil into a mask by trimming the border off. You can watch her extend the bits of the design edges right into the border, shaping it to match. You’d never know it wasn’t made that way!

Building Layers on Pages Destined for Binding

Next, she adds floral focal points with her gel plate, building on the Arty Stamped backgrounds. Follow her logic as she decides how to print the final result she is looking for with the new Geranium Stencil.

MIXED MEDIA TIP: Edges Begone! While the paint is still damp, smudge around the edges with a damp cloth to smooth color on to any harsh white edges. 

Washi Tape To the Rescue

Patricia pulls out her washi tape to ensure her small stencils stay exactly where she wants them as she applies some Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste, from TCW, keeping both her hands free to work!

Overtime: Stencil Repair

In the last moments of the stream, P. shows how she repairs and reinforces delicate portions of stencils! And “Don’t forget to do both sides.”


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