Stencils As Seen In The Wild

Christy Hartman Sunflowers

Stencils As Seen In The Wild


Christy Hartman Dazzles us with Sunflowers

Christy’s Sunflower Bunch stencil masks are a must-have for any artist looking to create stunning floral designs. Using the “Long Haul” stencil technique for the Gel Press, developed by Patricia of PM Artist Studio, Christy creates multiple prints of this Sunflower garden design that are both bold and intricate. She starts with gold and adds layers of color to create a beautiful bouquet of artistic expression and gel-printed wonder. Once the sunflowers are dry, she uses the bubbly Aqueous Effervescence stencil to add depth to the background. These versatile stencils are perfect for creating beautiful floral designs on any surface.

Christy has been a fan of sunflowers since she was a child and has been drawing and painting them for years.

“The shape of the flower and petals fascinate me as well as the imagery of sunflowers in garden gates and home decorating. Consequently, the sunflower gate stencil, the sunflower bunches, and now the individual sunflowers were born.” ~Christy Hartman

Jennifer Tobin Experiments with Stencils and Grungy Deliciousness

Jennifer demonstrates her artistic skills with non-representational stencil designs on a gel plate. She starts by creating warm-up background patterns and then adds interest and detail by using the Cellular Membrane stencil. Watch her cleverly flop the stencil over to make an impression on the empty half of the plate, utilizing all the paint still on the back. The Wonky Net stencil steals the show with its eye-catching aqua and lime-green colors. Jennifer repeatedly uses both stencil designs, including the Wonky Net mask, to produce numerous prints. Get inspired by Jennifer’s innovative use of stencils on her gel plates!

Wonky Net with Metallics

Julie Torrens Finishes up A Boho Journal Cover, Chooses Pages

Discover the stunning Boho cover created by Julie using the PM Artist Studio’s digital kit, Always Flowers Boho Style, and learn how to solidify the theme with her expert edge tricks. Don’t miss out on this essential technique! But that’s not all – Julie takes the Bohemian styling a step further by incorporating the kit’s paper designs, along with her gel prints and other papers, to create a unique and personalized journal signature. Experience the inspiration firsthand as she explains the reasoning behind each step of the process. I love that!

Quirky Queens Gets Artsy in A Mixed Media Art Journal

Before creating her art journal page, Quirky Queens prepares the surface by reinforcing the center binding with gesso and paper scraps. She then applies beautiful High Flow Golden colors to a double-page spread, creating a strong foundation for her artwork. To add subtle texture, she uses Pan Pastels with the Dream Big Poem Script stencil by Froyle Davies. Quirky Queens chooses a vintage image from a book of Victorian Illustrations as the focal point and repeats the Dream Big stencil with it. She finishes off the page by adding Rose Accent Strips by Ceri the Crafter to balance out the vintage-inspired hues. Through the process, Quirky Queens includes learning moments to enhance the page.

Quirky Queens Kirsten Dream Big Stencil

Eddie Blings Out Stencils With Absinthe-Colored Brilliance

EddieMakesArt lives up to his name with impressive gel press prints created using Carnival Wet Strength Tissue, Acrylic paints, and PM Artist Studio Masks. This long-haul technique took him three days to perfect, and even more to dry. Eddie’s plate features Vintage Bulbs stencil masks by Judy P., the Rustic Gears stencil mask, and one of the charming Kitty Kats stencil masks by Paulla Keen. Watch as he meticulously works through the layers, carefully picking up paint from within the smallest, detailed spots on the stencils. The final pull color choice is crucial to achieving the stunning result seen in the thumbnail on the right – stick around until the end to find out what paint Eddie used!

Playing with Inks, Watercolors, Dip Pens, and Stitching

Join Carol and Anne for an intimate art session featuring their latest PM Artist Studio packages. Carol showcases her favorite colors on a watercolor postcard and incorporates the Sea Turtles stencil by Fran on the Edge. On another postcard, she uses beautiful ink colors to create swirls before adding another Sea Turtle stencil. Don’t miss her stitch-wrapping instructions for added texture and interest.

Meanwhile, on Anne’s side of the screen, she demonstrates graphite rubbing (frottage) and embossing glaze techniques using the Urchin Flowers stencil by Fran on the Edge on her postcard. Stay tuned for more tips and techniques from the Canadian Artisan YouTube channel.

Be sure to also watch Anne Lahr’s Stream on Frottage using the Urchin Flowers by Fran on the Edge.

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