Setting Up for Successful Play WATERCOLOUR

Setting Up for Successful Play WATERCOLOUR

Thursday Thoughts from December 21st Livestream

So… Why is this important?

  1. It is easier, more fun, when all the “Toys” are at hand ready for rapid deployment.
  2. More PLAY – less frustration when supplies are readily available.
  3. In watercolor, I always set up paints, H2O, brushes, and paper in the same spot – it makes painting more immediate and natural – not having to search for items relevant to the the process increases JOY and ultimately confidence.
  4. Three techniques –
    • Practice, play, and use a variety of colors.
    • ALLOW the H2O to work!
    • Leave “sparkles” white paper


  • Brushes – Buy the best quality you can afford – they will last a lifetime USE THEM ONLY WITH WATERCOLOURS!
  • Transparent Watercolour Tubes or Pans?
    • Small set, good quality
    • Tubes get primary colours to start and allow for mixing secondary.
    • Swatch Your Paints!
  • Paper – It’s not necessary to use primo quality paper… do acquaint yourself with a variety of papers as each one will have specific qualities – make notes, label and keep for future play.

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