Arty Friends Social Media Links

Social Media Arty Friends

Arty Friends Social Media Links

Here you will find many of our Arty Friends and the many ways you can support them across their social media!

Ceri Griffiths


Fran on the Edge


Eddie Makes Art




Lisa – Sirius Heka


Judy P’s Crafty Journeys


Darcy’s Misadventures with Mixed Media


Cheran – TextureJunkies


The Messy Palette AU – Dianne


Kylie Coo Studio


Christy Hartman


Pages of an Art Journal Kristina Melinte 


Myriam (Artcurious by MNW)


Anne Lahr


Lucy Ames


Julie Torrens


Sonya – Artsy Solutions


Peg – Two Old Crows Mixed Media


Michelle Mixed Media


Anthony Cody the Baren Maker


Akiko Respect Design


April’s Shop for the Renesans Watercolors


Gillian’s Shop Nibs Pens and Ink


Scottie Ross


Sonja Nelson


Chris Kiluë


Susan Taylor Brown

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