Weekend Watch In The Wild

Whimsical Watercolor Flowers by Julie Torrens

Weekend Watch In The Wild

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching YouTube for stencils and foam stamps this weekend, June 30-July 4, 2023 (hey it was a long holiday weekend in the US!) and found:

Friday’s Spotlights on Fun

Advanced Multi-Layering of Stencils

Christy Hartman teaches a complex, multi-layered technique using just one stencil, her fab sunflowers, available at PM Artist Studio. Contrasting colors, offsetting the same shapes, and being fearless gives her fantastic results!

CHRISTY’S GEL PLATE TIP: Drying each layer is key to this technique.

This 5-minute video is excellent to hone your gel print skills:

Ribbit! Ribbit!

PM Artist Studio’s short of one of Patricia’s Froggy Prints is a delightfully successful gel plate print pull. Lots of paint on one of her small plates makes the small screen drama worth the watch as she wrestles the paper off. We love to see clean prints like this, right? She composed this print in a live session utilizing the frog stencil:

And SPOILER: It looks terrific! I’ve written more words than the video is long:

All My Pretty Boys to the Floor!

EddieMakesArt shows off a distressing technique with one of the “J” Crew portrait stencils and ink blinding in this quick little short.

Fran’s FridayFractious Fumbles

Fran OnTheEdge invites us into her laboratory to experiment today. You’ll see her share a beautiful art magazine and some stencils on her plate along the way, (along with a very dramatic black screen crash, where Violet improvs very neatly to fill the space.)

  • Rabbit & Moon by Paulla Keen
  • Trilobites by Fran Baker
  • PLUS, A sneak peek at one of her Prototype Elemental characters, Howl

Fran’s connection never gets restored once the screen goes black, but up to that point, you’ll enjoy the fun!


Saturday’s Spotlight Destinations

Layers, Nesting, and More Layering

The Shelley Studio takes up the June Color Combo of Cheddar and Ultramarine with the incredible Nested Circles stencil. Multiple stencil layers add up on the plate for visual interest. Don’t miss how she boosts her orange “cheddar” color which was more transparent than she hoped with a coppery color.

Then she tries a layered experiment with successive layers of blue and stencils to play with visual depth. It turned out very interesting! Will you try this technique?

Transformative Gel Prints in A Large Format Canvas Painting

FroyleArt gives us loads of inspiration for creating stunning wall-sized art with collaged gel prints. This week’s 100 Days of Collage Theme is Numbers, and Froyle treats them with her stylish flair, introducing us to her brand new foam stamps: Coded Numbers, in five different styles.

FROYLE’S COLLAGE ART TIP: Cover the sides first!

She begins by using her incredibly colored (and metallic!) papers, moves on to select her favorite pieces, and then shows how she refines the focal points of the piece as it all pulls together.

FROYLE’S COLLAGE ART TIP: Don’t put your favorite, most precious, pieces down first, because you’re probably going to cover them up!

She loved her circle washer masks so much after using them … they’re part of the finished art as focal points. Watch her create a cohesive piece and teach why at each step along the way:

July’s Color Combo: Lime Green and Aqua Tags

Ceri Griffiths starts July with the month’s Color Combo, and gives you some hints about how to make, or substitute, them if you do not have the exact shades of paints.

Watch him create fun and striking tags as he demonstrates the steps to make each layer of art work together, starting on his small 5 x 7 inch gel plate.

CERI’S MIXED MEDIA TIP: Back your finished tag with something so the random bits of paint, which inevitably glob on, don’t show.

The areas of paint become the base against the interesting colors and stamps for the decorations.

CERI’S MIXED MEDIA TIP: When using Foam Stamps with acrylic paint, wrap them in a damp cloth so they will clean up without damaging the foam and you can continue finishing your project.

Here are the foam stamps that I saw him using:

MIXED MEDIA QUOTE: Black will add drama to absolutely everything. ~Ceri The Crafter

Just look at how the numbers stamp takes the tags to the next level:

Board Books Take Center Stage

Quirky Queens Journals shares her baby board books that she turned into Artist Books. Then she shows you how to do it!

You’ll see a lot of PM Artist Studio Stencils on the gel prints that she uses to cover the pages. Let me know which I missed!

KIRSTEN’S MIXED MEDIA TIP: Don’t use a glue stick to adhere a surface covered in acrylic paint already. Try Matte Medium or another adhesive.

wrap it up

Starry-Spangled Gelli Print

EddieMakesArt’s new short is a metallic, colorful, show-stopping gel plate pull of brilliantly contrasting stars. Using the Stars: All Lit Up stencil in at least four layers of paint that I can count, he’s clearly ready to celebrate!


Patti Plays on the Gel Plate

Patti Tolley Parrish starts up her live stream, gets out her gel plate, and look what she’s doing with some watercolor play time and some PM Artist Studio Stencils:


More Creatives in the Spotlight

Making A Stamp Catalogue

EddieMakesArt helps get us organized by showing how to create a catalog for the various stamps in our collection! This is an easy-peasy project and Eddie is a great teacher. He showed a number of the PM Artist Studio Foam Stamps as he worked on his Catalog: (Be sure to let me know what I missed!)

Then from his wish list:

What will you make your quick and easy Stamp Catalog out of?

Instant Watercolor Fantasy Flowers

Julie Torrens announces a new printable pack that is exclusively at PM Artist Studio that is full of her doodle-tastic watercolor flowers that you may have seen her make in her YouTube Videos. Now they can be yours for that next project, make them into just the things you need.

Watercolor Whimsy Summer Flowers by Julie Torrens, look at all that talent: