Stencils, Prints, and a Shadow Turned Houdini

Stencils Used on the Plate for the Houdini

Stencils, Prints, and a Shadow Turned Houdini

Sunday’s Synopsis for April 23, 2023

Notes, links, spotlights, and highlights from the Live Stream for Sunday, April 23, 2023, with Patricia and Mariah of PM Artist Studio.

New Stencils and Tips Begin the Video

Patricia, of PM Artist Studio, demonstrated two tips near the beginning of the Live YouTube Stream on Sunday: she dipped the end of a crochet hook tool in bright red so it would be easy to see in the container. Then she showed off her budget-busting move with a new paint-saving tube squeezer called The Big Squeeze.

Listen for more little bits of wisdom like swatching on the tube lid while she pulls some prints from previous videos. Then suddenly, she revealed the amazing new stencil from Myriam called Happy Stream. It’s a cellular delicacy of motion and form.

She reveals the latest stencil collection that will first be available to the two extra member benefit levels (Mucky Muck and Loverly). The exclusive new design is called Feathery Eye. There’s a mandala version (with a tidbit piece!), individual designer masks, and a full-page pattern of the motif. Reminder: after 8 weeks, it will be available as a general purchase.

Stamp Embossing with Gold and Keeping Your Shiny Shining

It wasn’t even at the halfway point of the stream when Patricia pulled out the brand new trio of foam stamp skulls. Note her instructions about using brand-new stamps. She chose a perfect smaller print for one of the skulls and then handed it to Mariah to emboss in gold. Crystal skulls of myths have nothing on these results!

Mariah had some thoughts about losing the gloss or the metallic shine because of your techniques or mediums and suggested fixes. She and Patricia both sing the praises of the in-depth information available on the Golden website about mixing products for special uses. Start with the Golden Paints Resources page and drill into the Just Paint articles or the Technical Information sections. 

Golden’s Calendar of Events gets updated regularly with many art education events.

New Stencil Tip

There was an anxious moment as Patricia pulled up a brand new stencil after scraping gold paint on through it. Then she remembered how sticky the new stencils are. Sometimes sticky is good … sometimes it pulls up stuff on the plate below it. You can see her cringing about the latter. SPOILER ALERT: Luckily, it is going to turn out just fine!

So that’s the New Stencil Tip for the day: Remember they will stick to a gel plate and pull up the paint. Once they get some paint on them, the super-sticky mode is gone. But what’s that stencil she’s using? It’s a major cutting error piece from the Rune Blocks stencil by Paulla Keen. Watch for something similar in the shop soon. The smaller row version was well received, even if it was a misfit mistake on the cutting machine.

The Flow Improver Experiments and The Shadow Technique on a Gel Plate

Patricia goes for it on a clean gel plate, experimenting with paint and flow improver. She begins demonstrating the shadow technique she developed for the gel plate. She ends up with another helpful tip: don’t use too much flow improver!

Watch her use and teach the shadow technique. She used the beautiful words mask called Dream Big Poem Script by Froyle Davies. Here are the steps for the shadows technique:

  1. apply paint to the gel plate
  2. pick up a mask
  3. flop it down
  4. lightly use the brayer
  5. flip
  6. light brayering
  7. flop
  8. lightly use the brayer
  9. move … rinse and repeat
  10. do it every which way

The results will end up randomly delightful. Second Tip from this segment: quit while you’re ahead using this style! 

A Sealing Medium Comparison Chart

Mariah takes a question from a participant when Estella asked:

Have you noticed a difference when the inkjet print is fresh vs. long dry?

The bottom line on Inkjet printed paper is … its probably always going to bleed. Mariah pulled out the chart from the Acrylic Medium Comparison test to help answer the questions arising from sealing works before stamping or painting on them. Look for the video that goes through this comparison in a previous PM Artist Studio YouTube video, Mixed Media GUIDE for Artists – Mod Podge & Gel Medium.

Ending With a Beauty

During the last 7 minutes, Patricia reverses the paint ombre effect she used earlier with the golden rune blocks in the first half of the video. The Golden Open Titan Pale goes on the outside strips, and the Golden Heavy Body Phthalo Blue goes down the middle. It’ll have to dry, she says, because of using the open paint as one of the colors.

They will be back with more gel printing, stencil, stamp, and art tips, and techniques, and talk on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 PM Central (4 PM Eastern) with a Live video stream, and on Sundays at 10 AM Central (11 AM Eastern).

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