That Fantasy Flower Flair

That Fantasy Flower Flair

Sunday’s Synopsis for May 14, 2023

Notes, links, spotlights, and highlights from the Live Stream with Patricia and Mariah of PM Artist Studio.

On Sunday, Patricia and Mariah showcased stunning pieced flower artwork alongside mixed-media stencils. We had the opportunity for a detailed look at Patricia’s floral fantasy process. The video stream was an abundance of creative techniques utilizing gel prints, foam stamps, stencils, and more. With wall-to-wall art and minute-to-minute inspiration, there is something for everyone in these collaged fantasy flowers P is making.

Design repetition without duplication. ~Patricia Carmichael Cline

You’ll find all the links referenced in Sunday’s video demonstration below the video.

Sunday’s Take-Away Moments

  • Patricia showcased some gel printed image transfers, created using the beautiful laser prints available at PM Artist Studio. These high-contrast designs are already printed and ready for image transfer design work,  you won’t need a personal laser printer. Whether you want to purchase a pack or a specific design, you can play along and create captivating art with these unique patterns. These laser prints were recently featured by Yolande on the devonrex4art YouTube channel. She works in pink and orange for two gorgeous gel print collage pieces.
  • As Patricia demonstrates her inventive approach to franken-stenciling on the fantasy flowers, she unveils a discarded piece from the Poppy Fields stencil. Don’t forget to request the inner bits when you order the stencil.  It will let you can join in the fun of creating your own extras for your flower meadow! Patricia’s creativity knows no bounds, and she invites you to explore and experiment with these versatile stencil designs, too.
  • Lupines, lilies, magnolias, carnations, and other flowers come to life in enchanting combinations of gel prints and mixed media techniques. Patricia takes these prints to the next level with the use of distinctive stencils, pencils, markers, and one-of-a-kind foam stamps. Witnessing her creative process, you’ll see how she incorporates the new Flower/Urchin stamp to bring a touch of whimsy to the flower centers.

Flower Collage Piece Steps

  • Patricia teaches her step-by-step process for creating these enchanting fantasy flowers:
    1. Begin by eliminating any elements you don’t want on your flower, such as white borders or unwanted details.
    2. Let your imagination run wild and choose your desired theme. This one will be a carnation – or two!
    3. Flip over the chosen page and sketch your design lightly with a pencil on the back.
    4. Patricia and Mariah discuss various techniques and approaches to achieve a fantastical carnation.
    5. She hands off the drawing to Mariah for precise cutting. (Everyone needs a Mariah, right?)
    6. Position, Position, Position. (these last two steps she will go over on Tuesday’s video in detail.)
    7. To finish, apply glue to secure the flower in place, adding the finishing touch to your extraordinary creation.
  • Patricia selects another gel print for special treatment using a new mixed media stencil called Ornate Lace Strips, created by the talented Rhonda Dohna. With some purposeful ‘poinking’, Patricia uses the stencil to add incredible detail to even relatively plain prints.
  • Then she adds captivating color and texture by utilizing the abstract Puzzle Strip Foam Stamp. Each step adds depth and visual interest to her artwork, resulting in truly remarkable blooms.

New Technique on the Gel Plate

In the last 15 minutes of the live stream, Patricia uses a gel plate and explains her technique for using Flow Improver to achieve mesmerizing abstract effects when mixed with paint. She refers to the mixture on the plate as “Swooshy Wooshy”.  I wonder if that’s going to be the name for this method. Showing the technique twice, in two different colors, she leaves us eager to see the final results. We’ll be waiting for that for another day, though. Paint must dry.


Let your creativity bloom and be inspired to create your own mixed media garden of fantasy flowers using collage, gel prints, stencils, stamps, and any art medium that sparks your imagination.

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