Shining the PM Artist Studio Spotlight On Your Art This Weekend

stamps and stencils in Froyle's Art Journal

Shining the PM Artist Studio Spotlight On Your Art This Weekend

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this weekend, July 28-30, 2023, on YouTube and found PM Artist Studio stencils and stamps being used for art!

Friday’s Spotlights on Fun

Have a Play on the Gel Plate

Ceri Griffiths needs some new 12 x 12 backgrounds and brings us along for the ride! You’ll learn some of his favorite color-bringing techniques, along with his trademark “kiss” method of briefly touching a part of the paper on the gel plate for a small spark of contrast or bit of interest.

He uses these stencils and stamps for finishing touches on the surfaces of his new backgrounds:

This is art! I’m having fun with it! “~Ceri Griffiths

Indian Paintbrush for All The Zow!

Christy Hartman makes complex layered gel prints with her new Indian Paintbrush stencil. She’s using these stencils for her prints in this video:

Recycle for Trendy Distressing

Darcy’s Misadventures with Mixed Media is experimenting with making some grungy distressed papers with sandpaper, stamps, ink, paint, stencils, and grungy magic! Look for these PM Artist Studio stencils and stamps to catch the spotlight:

Look at the glorious collage that happens from these papers!


Saturday’s Spotlight Destinations

Behind The Curtain with Lucy’s Trees

Lucy Ames Art takes a few minutes to show how she takes a tree photo in Procreate, and turns them into one of her incredible tree stencils.

Easy Collage Secret from Froyle

FroyleArt Channel: Froyle’s taking Music Week of 100 Days of collage from the music, to the gel plate, to her finished pages in an art journal. Don’t miss all her tips, and watch for her special stencil and stamps on some of her papers:

Random Acts of Crafting

Darcy’s Misadventures with Mixed Media Channel: Darcy’s working hard at her desk as she creates lovelies for her next junk journal. Watch her put the Ornate Lace Strip Stencils to work:

Sunday’s Creatives in the Spotlight

Using Gel Prints – Keep Going With Your Art!

Jackie Schomburg-Abstract Art & Creative Wellness channel: Jackie takes quite the stack of beautiful gel prints from some PM Artist Studio stencils and her own materials on hand and creates mixed media collage work in her art journal. I recognized these stencils used on many of her papers:

  • Vintage Paris Abstract Map Stencil
  • Rune Blocks Stencil Mask
  • Prayer Wheels Stencil Mask

Collage Tip: If you want something for sure to show through at the end, add it at the end. Don’t start with it. Otherwise you’ll spend your whole painting tiptoeing around it!

What’s your favorite tip?


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