Modern Monday Arts in Stencils and Stamps, As Seen in the Wild

Modern Monday Arts in Stencils and Stamps, As Seen in the Wild


May’s Monthly Color Combo Gets Industrial for Ceri

Looking for inspiration for your May art? Watch Ceri the Crafter’s make art with stencils in this latest color combo experiment. He uses the chosen colors for May, featuring Payne’s Grey and Silver, plus a wild card color of his choice. Follow along as he uses a baren from Anthony Cody’s Cody Woodcrafts Etsy shop to help ease his wrist while creating gel plate art. Then see how he incorporates one of his new Foamie Stamp designs, the Line Dot. While you are watching, you can learn his expert tips for using foam stamps with acrylic paint.

For this long-haul gel print session, Ceri then utilizes a “frankenstencil” made from strips and washi tape. And don’t miss his surprise move with the Wonky Net Mask as a stamp, adding lighter points of interest. Finally, he uses the hexagon stencil strip from his Boundless Border Designs Vol 3 to create groups of bolt heads, resulting in an industrial abstract piece.

Get inspired and experiment with Payne’s Grey and Silver this month. Don’t forget to choose your own wild card color and see what creative results you can come up with and make art with stencils this week.

Quirky Queens Squares Up New Stencils

Quirky Queen embarked on a delightful creative journey, using the 53 Cubed Squares of Craziness stencil set from PM Artist Studio. She lays out her composition grid of square stencils first. Some stencils overlap, others do not. Next, she explains her technique – applying and etching off paint with both ends of a paintbrush on a gel plate. The final result is a charming print with hand-doodled designs juxtaposed inside the precision of the square stencils. Learning this excellent technique is a definite plus to your toolbox of stencil artistry.

Gel Printing Leaf Stencil Masks with Alcohol Ink

Froyle makes art with stencilsFroyle makes it all look easy with red alcohol inks, her gel plate, and the Funky Leaf Stencil Masks by Rhonda Dohna.

Beautiful reds take the form of the unique leaf designs before your very eyes in this YouTube Short. Next she’ll squirt on some alcohol to move it around. By the time she pulls the print, the artful combination of the stencil and the colors is clear to see in the results.

You can make art with stencils this same way!

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