Trees, Feathers, and Spiced Up Layering

Feather Eye Prints and Geo Poly Design

Trees, Feathers, and Spiced Up Layering

Sunday’s Synopsis for April 30, 2023.

Notes, links, and highlights from the Live Stream for Sunday, April 30, 2023, with Patricia and Mariah of PM Artist Studio.

See the Forest and the Trees

Lucy Ames just released eight brand new tree stencils, featuring the silhouette of a specific tree for each one. The collection includes brilliant designs such as the Acacia canopy and the elegant Ginkgo branches. Because of their striking designs, these stencils are perfect for adding nature-themed elements to any project. They will also make incredible texture. I can’t wait to see how everyone uses them.

Feathery Eyes on the Gel Plate

Patricia gets creative with the new Feathery Eyes stencil masks by cutting them up to create unique sections of this swirly pattern. As Mariah always says, “You bought the stencil, it’s yours to do as you please!”

Watch that Feathery Eyes design on a gel plate get new layers added to it. As she took out the next plate, she decided an all-over Feathery Eye pattern that was perfect for a reverse color ombre effect.

Spicing up Boring Brown

From a previous video stream (or two), one of the Sunflower Gate Flowers Mask papers gets a new lease on life with a Feathery Eye stencil treatment. Brayering on Golden Fluid Acrylic Anthraquinone Blue paint, it begins a transformation. Get inspired and give your own bare pull-off sheets a fresh new look with this easy technique!

Layering Magic

Next, get ready for stunning prints with a combination of colors and multiple stencil designs. By using P’s Circle Rings of Madness stencil along with the Feathery Eye design, Patricia achieves a unique and eye-catching effect. Listen to her expert explanations of the color selection and mixing process . She ends up with precisely the paint and color she needs.

You can always add more white. You can’t take it away.”

~ Patricia Carmichael

Her plates are staying busy today because there’s art to be made here! From plate clean offs and a squirmy print to more sunflower pull off sheets, she’s not stopping until it is done.

Geo Poly Special Request

Get ready for some Gel Press pizazz with one of Patricia’s favorite stencil designs, Geometric Polynesian. This custom double layout version takes center stage with its artful lines and purposeful spaces. Watch the video for instructions on ordering your own special request edition, exclusively available at PM Artist Studio. Elevate your stenciling game with versatile, core designs.

A Parade of Art

Next, a creative combination of stencil work returns some more gel plate goodness. The Circle Rings of Madness stencil is back, this time layered over the Feathery Eyes stencil for a new look. Patricia also showcases the versatile Geo Poly stencil again with a beautiful paint mixture. And don’t miss how a layer of paint transforms the Firebird – Phoenix stencils by Cheran Shields. Stay tuned for more artsy action  as Patricia continues to tweak and experiment on these prints in the future.

The Home Stretch

As they wrap for the day, the gorgeous blue journal from Julie Torrens gets a page by page display for everyone to admire. Then the ladies decide to make The Sisterhood of a Traveling Journal with it! Won’t that be fun? Finally, the appearance of Patricia’s little boat of hand-drawn and collaged ladies made an artful ending to the video.

We can’t wait to see Patricia work with the new Trees stencils and masks on Tuesday, Live on YouTube at 3 PM Central (4 PM Eastern).


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