Spotlights on Arty Friends This Week

Stamps and Stencils for Mixed Media Art

Spotlights on Arty Friends This Week

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this week, July 10-14, on YouTube and found these artists using Stamps and Stencils by PM Artist Studio:

FunDay Monday

The Faba-Doodle Short

PM Artist Studio starts the week out with an incredible little YouTube short that showcases the Faba-Doddes from Sunday’s Live Video (july 9, 2023) with Patricia and Mariah.

Blocking in with colors began the P-Doodling extravaganza. The results are, as they say, FAB! Here’s the sneak preview short:

Backgrounds, Inks, and More with Z

ScrapsToBeauty by Zandra makes some mixed media backgrounds. You can catch a peek at her Perfume girls that she builds using the upside-down Poppy Pods Stencil. Then as she continues to work on making backgrounds, she pulls out some more stencils. Here’s her PM Artist Studio stencils list she pulls out:

MIXED MEDIA TIP: After using your stencil, turn it over and press that paint down on something; don’t waste the paint!

Don’t miss how she cut off two of the borders on Aqueous Effervescence! Whoa, that could be a game-changer! And then she frees the Pooppy Duo Strips from their borders. Look how different they look!

Mariah Makes: Monday in the Akiko Journal

PM Artist Studio features Mondays with Mariah, and she’s working in that gorgeous new book from Akiko. Let’s see how many stencils we recognize as she begins to put the papers in. How will she handle those white edges? Piecing it all together! Behold the magic!

MIXED MEDIA TIP: Keep all the little pieces, one may be just the exact little thing you need as you finish the project!

Pencils, Specimen Slides & Gel Prints

Fran OnTheEdge shows a project she is working on and displays that very versatile sea urchin / flower / thistle stencil and mask set. The creatures, florals, mushrooms, and leaves all look smashing in her book. She works on magnetic specimen slides, then takes her gel plate out and works on some beauties with the following stencils:

GEL PLATE TIP: Use some packing tape to clean off unwanted leftovers on your plate!

The urchin stencils, both the inner and outer parts make such singular design elements. They can be the star of the show if you wish!

Summery Layering

EddieMakesArt Pulls a print in a YouTube short in aqua, white, and black, with two stencils layered on top of one another. The black outline of Aqueous Effervescence offsets the swirly patterning of  Feathery Eyes with a modern, nearly abstract result.

Wednesday’s Wonders

Turn Swatching Into Making

EddieMakesArt grabs some of his old swatch papers and gives them a lovely new life as decorations! He’s using Archival Ink over the watercolors with all sorts of fun stamps! Be sure to pick up all of Eddie’s Stamping Tips in this video. I spotted some PM Artist Studio Shop Offerings in use:

STAMP TIP: Make sure you ink the foam stamp up well. especially when they are new.

Fran’s Mixed Media Marvels

Fran OnTheEdge gives a preview of her new book she is building for the slides, shows how well the magnets work, gives tips about portrait drawing when you think you just do not have the right perspective. Then Fran pulls out her gel plate. We’re looking at some stenciled images on it as she pulls off a very summery print, and follows with some more prints from the Gel Plate using stamps and stencils:

Watch Fran mix the swirls of color so creatively. It’s quite the skill!

A Beautiful Hand Made Journal

The Shelley studio flips through her gorgeous gift from Janke and Paulla. I’ll spotlight the PM Artist Studio Stencils I pick up on, and you can tell me what I miss as you enjoy this glorious creation:

Layers of color, of texture, of images, all combined to make this an exquisite journal. You’ll love seeing it.

Backgrounds Turn to Tags

ScrapsToBeauty By Zandra is hard at work making backgrounds for tags today. I saw some PM Artist Studio Stencils in her work flow:

Watch her level up the deliciousness with layer after layer, and don’t miss the parade of Perfume bottle girls at the end as she draws for the winners!

Thursday Watch

Going Atomic

EddieMakesArt has a fantastic YouTube short of a gel plate pull for what may have been a long haul technique. Using the Atomic Asters stencil, he turns out a stunning print!


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