Spotlights from The Wild – PM Artist Studio Stamps and Stencils

Spotlights from The Wild – PM Artist Studio Stamps and Stencils

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this week, July 31- August 2, on YouTube and found many stencils and stamps from the shop at work for artists:

FunDay Monday

Mariah Makes on Monday in her Akiko Book

on the PM Artist Studio Channel: Mariah shows a beautiful accordion foldout with gel prints on both sides. Both she and Patricia are still jazzed about things they learned, brought home, and shared at the annual Art Retreat last weekend.

Don’t miss her magnet folio pop up/stand up build, too. (Real Magnets this time!) Here are some of the PM Artist Studio stencils and stamps I saw on various papers during her live stream, but let me know what I missed, ok?

Mixed Media Tip: Stamping on top of Acrylic Paint will require extra drying time. Don’t rush it!

Monday Mania with Fran and Violet

Fran OnTheEdge Channel: Fran’s wild experiments today range from Magicals and Infusions to Stamp Pads, and some beautiful finished prints. You’ll catch some glimpses of her Spirits character prototypes as she flips through some pulls, and then look at the stencils I recognized:

Tuesday Takes

The FAB Folio of Art Deco Summer

EddieMakesArt starts with some junk mail, making it with a beautiful summer digital kit. He adds some stenciling, pockets, and embellishments, then shows us how it is done, every step of the way. PM Artist Studio spotlights on:

Make your summer or vacation folio today!

Colour Your World in Cream and Ivory

Ceri Griffiths Channel: Ceri shows you how to make do with the neutrals you have for the August Color combo at Makers of Mixed Media Art/Artists Facebook Group. You’ll see him utilize a number of his own foam stamps as he builds layer upon layer on his gel plate for the finished prints:

Making Vintage Tags and Journal Cards

Darcy’s Misadventures with Mixed Media Channel: Watch Darcy make tags and journal cards with book page images for her next journal! I saw a few PM Artist Studio Stencils and stamps she used:

Artistic Expression in Collage

On the FroyleArt Channel: A YouTube Short demonstrates Froyle’s use of gorgeous collage papers in new piece. She’s inspiring us to make our own creative statements with this 100 Days of Collage nod to Music Week. Dramatic color and design are her hallmarks. She puts a strip of the “All My X’s Came From Texas” right across the piece, too!

Wonderful On Wednesday

How to Make Layered Gel Prints Like a Pro!

On the Christy Hartman Channel: Christy re-creates a multi-layered gell print. Her tips along the way will save you a lot of trouble! Pyrole Orange and Phthalo Blue (red shade) provide contrast, and you’ll learn why using a stencil made from Yupo has some advantages!

Building a Corset Closure Pocket Plus Starting A Paper Bag Make Over

Fran OnTheEdge Channel: Fran’s upcycling take-out and other containers with her usual imaginative touch today. I’m seriously jealous of how her tomatoes come home from her grocery, did you see that container!? Some of the stencils used in some prints included:

I loved seeing her thoughts as she worked out how to make the paper bag work.


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