Art Spotlight Wow from the Weekend

rune blocks stencils and stamps for mixed media art

Art Spotlight Wow from the Weekend

The PM Artist Spotlight went out to YouTube this weekend, July 7-9, 2023 and found stencils and stamps in use:

Friday’s Spotlights on Fun

A Cover To Go

Ceri Griffiths decorates a Dyan Reaveley No Limits Dylusions Dyalog Cover with Lime and Aqua, plus a few more carefree colors. It is destined to hold 4 good-sized notebooks of handmade papers. I especially appreciated learning the puzzle solution of how to fit those 4 traveler’s notebooks into one cover! Ceri makes artful use of his wonderful foam stamps for the perfect finishing touches. These are sold at PM Artist Studio:

They all look great together, Ceri!

The Color Combo of the Month Goes To The Carnival

EddieMakesArt looks like he has a ticket to Myriam Wulf’s Carnival Attraction, and he is going to take Lime and Aqua with him! This whimsical stencil scene somehow includes the drawings of every act in the circus into one stylized hand-drawn stencil! But Eddie’s going to need more than 3 rings for these headliners … and uses P’s Circle Rings of Madness to layer things up.

Someone cue the music and send in the parade!

Framed – Junk Journal Exploration

49dragonflies gives #JunkJournalJuly2023 a nod with a framed technique across pages with a peek-through frame that looks in to an endangered bird. She uses the PM Artist Studio Cascading Cogs stencil mask to stipple the cog design across a page covered in the textured goodness of tea bags. The final effect is great stuff!

  • Cascading Cogs Stencil Mask

Barbara never fails to deliver inspiration, how-to, and art:

Fran’s Friday Fancies

Fran OnTheEdge has a live stream nearly every Friday, exploring art of all sorts with co-host Violet. After swatching with her watercolors, she shows her gel plate with the new Turtle Stained Glass stencil on it, which is dry enough to pull. It’s on glassine; plus it’s on her large plate. I held my breath as she coaxed that print off the plate! The edges started out as nail-biters for sure! Here are the stencils she used during the stream, including some pulls from her adventures in homemade inky colors.

Fran’s style and knowledge are always worth my time.


Gel Plate Image Transfers in Alcohol Ink!

Alcohol Ink Art Community delivers step-by-step image transfers in this 14-minute video demonstration. Teri Jones explains how to use acrylics to help the brilliance of the alcohol ink stay there. This is a multi-step image transfer process I’ve never seen before – have you?

Check out this incredible cat!

Grown-Up Bubbles With Cheran

TextureJunkies is mad about bubbles. Here’s part two of How To Art Bubble and her hard-won advice and results from her experiments with the bubble technique.  I spied a few of her stencils in the video:

It’s all bubblicious!

“I’m going to show you how crazy-pants, bubble-obsessed I was all week!” ~ Cheran Shields


Spotlight on Saturday Stencils, & More

July Color Combo Gets Runic and Fishy!

DevonRex4Art takes on the limited palette of the July Color Combo, Lime and Aqua, and spends some up close and personal time with her gel plate. The 19-minute YouTube video lets us enjoy Yolande’s prints and techniques (It took her 2 hours, she says!) via the magic of fast-forward technology! Now my only question is, “Where do I get one of those wispy page-sized bits of floral fantasy meshy goodness?”

Here’s her PM Artist Stencils:

GEL PLATE TIP: Did you catch her light spray of water over the Iridescent Gold Fine acrylic paint to keep it from drying faster than she could blink?

Yolande even presses off her wet stencil on paper to use up every bit of paint. There are a lot of techniques to learn from her gel plate session today.

A Circle of Beautiful Butterflies

The Shelley Studio goes shows off the long haul gel plate technique with the various sizes of the Monarch Butterflies in this video. Building layers of color up, one by one, she’ll end up with a pile of interesting prints and so much Butterfly Art Magic! Here’s the Butterflies in the PM Artist Shop:

GEL PLATE TIP: Take your weather conditions into account with your paint on your plate. Warmth, humidity (and lack of!), and, well, fans blowing all contribute to how fast it dries (or doesn’t dry).

My fav part was the close-up at the end where you can see additional brayer-transferred patterning in the background. So Much Yummy Grunginess!

Blossoms and Butterflies and Bugs, Oh My!

Julie Torrens gets creative with butterflies and bugs – and has a bunch of fun along the way! She’s working on master board cuts to get pieces ready to use for various sizes and purposes. Using her Watercolored Fantasy flowers and leaves, plus her butterflies, and more, she adds hand-doodled interest to the paper parts. Don’t miss the torn and dyed paper doilies!

“Tags are handy!” ~Julie Torrens

She’s making ATCs, Tags, and more for her journals, and also a small warning: Bling can be addictive!

Aqueous Aqua Textured Copper

EddieMakesArt on his gel plate with the modern-looking Broken Aqueous Effervescence stencil. The backstory on the stencil is that it was a misprint – an oops on the stencil cutter in the PM Artist Studio backroom! But it looked so incredible, it’s got a life of its own now.

Eddie uses Iridescent aqua and metallic copper to pull a stunning print. Look at that gleam!

Gel Plate Drama Print Pull

EddieMakesArt on a gel plate with the P’s Circle Rings of Madness stencil mask. Look at his picture-perfect pull in this YouTube Short:

Journal Pages Revealed

Pages of an Art Journal shared her process video from the June Makers’ Swap Hop. She takes you through each of the steps involved in making her 2-page art journal spread in 13 minutes! Some PM Artist Stencil shout-outs from this spectacular journal spread:

MIXED MEDIA TIP: When figuring out the composition of the pieces, try leaving a couple pieces hang over the edges and trim them off.

Ledger paper, texture paste, distress sprays, stencil stamping, metallic embossing, and more! … what’s not to love?

Sunday’s Creatives in the Spotlight

A Big Gel Plate Cleaning and Then Some Papers for Collage

Jackie Schomburg-Abstract Art & Creative Wellness makes collage papers with stencils and random things – plus she cleans her gel plate! (Which was pretty impressively dirty…) She work today mostly in black and white, and her stenciled collage papers turn out amazing from these designs:

I love a good black and white collage paper! ~Jackie Schomburg

I’m a new subscriber to Jackie and looking forward to seeing more of her!

Baby You’re a Firework!

EddieMakesArt gives us maximum drama in a YouTube Short for a red and black gel print. Look how he layers the stencils, and watch this print SING!

What color RED is that, Eddie?!

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