Spotlight on Weekday Makings

Sticky Geranium Multi Layer Stencil Print

Spotlight on Weekday Makings

The PM Artist Spotlight went out searching this week, July 24-27, on YouTube and found:

Monday is Fun Day

The Making of a Pop Up Card

PM Artist Studio builds out her beautiful of her Celestial Moon and Sun Pop Up card from the Maker’s Creative Collab from July. Featuring images from the stunning stars stencil and a multilayered moon, she shares her composition secrets with us – minus the magnets! They’re currently magnet-challenged in the studio!


Wonderful On Wednesday

Layers of Technique Create Stunning Art

Christy Hartman works magic with her new Sticky Geranium stencil and a gel plate. There’s a long haul of many paint colors PLUS a trimmed-off stencil of only a main floral stem in her demonstration. It’s a gorgeous final print!

Tio Eddie Flys Us To The Moon Again

EddieMakesArt has the process video of his brilliant Makers Creative Collab creation. Check out his hand-rounded corners, the hidden flap hinging in the folded spine, and the beautiful gel prints used in the various parts of his build. He took over 3 hours of video and condensed it into 20ish minutes to share this with us. The cow jumping over the moon has NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD!

Pro Tip: Color all the edges to make it all look seamless!

Watch how he used these PM Artist Studio Stencils for some of the art pages:

Now, will you please read it again for us, Tio Eddie?!

Behind the Curtain: The Celestial How To

The Shelley Studio displays how her Fly Me To the Moon was created. She’s upcycling previously used papers to make it! She uses an image transfer with a pen-drawn image to start it. She uses a shadow technique with the PM Artist Stencil, and you’ll see it again:

You’ll pick up all sorts of tips as she works.


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