Makers Creative Collab 2024 & More

Makers Creative Collab 2024 & More

Makers Creative Collab is opening up in 2024 to grow our community and connect with even more of our Arty Friends! We are dropping the hop and amping up the collab hashtags. Anyone on any platform can use the monthly theme hashtags to post and inspire others. For even more arty inspo take your MCC2024 makes to Makers of Mixed Media Art / Artists’ Facebook group (known as Makers) where you can mash it up with the Swaps, Collage Prompts, and Colour Combos! 

Starting January 1st, 2024 this guideline will be available in Makers under the files section of the group. Each month a new theme will be posted in the first week of the month for all the events including the collab. To participate all you have to do is create something with the theme of the month and post it wherever you want, there are no deadlines. This could be in Makers, Your Personal Page, on YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platform you want with the Main Hashtag #MakersCreativeCollab2024 and the monthly themes to be posted in Makers FB Group, on PM’s IG and YouTube Community Posts. 

Always look at each theme literally and figuratively. Go, rogue, whenever possible, and make each piece work the way you want and not to the theme. Be creative in your interpretations and keep your project simple. If you want to expand on the collaboration theme, do a series and include the hashtags on each of the videos and/or posts.

    1. Get involved in the Quadfecta by mixing all the Makers’ fun into one or pick and choose which events you want to take part in. 
    2. All the events in Makers during 2024 will be geared towards being combo’d or going with the ones you want to participate in. 
    3. Post a video and/or pictures of your finished make in Makers.
    4. Must include the 
      1. Main Hashtag: #MakersCreativeCollab2024
      2. Monthly Theme Hashtags will be posted in Makers, PM’s IG and YT Posts
  • Include any other event hashtags you participated in. (Posted in Makers)
  1. Post a video and/or pictures of your finished make.
  2. Must include the 
    1. Main Hashtag: #MakersCreativeCollab2024
    2. The monthly theme will be posted in Makers, PM’s IG, and YT Posts

It is HIGHLY encouraged to include a link to the PM artist Studio Makers Creative Collab Introduction video in all of your descriptions and/or posts. Here is that link:

#MakersCreativeCollab2024  | MAKERS CREATIVE COLLAB

General Guidelines and Information for 2024


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