Old Is New with Devonrex4art

Old Is New with Devonrex4art

The June Makers Collaboration theme, Old Is New, presents DevonRex4Art using three art items from Pages of an Art Journal in the wonderful #OldIsNew YouTube Mixed Media Swap & Make Hop on June 17, 2023.

The Challenge

Kristen, from Pages of an Art Journal, sent Yolande two doilies, a paper piecing, along with a vintage magazine page that included glamour shots of actress Clara Kimball Young.

The Art

Yolande altered the vintage headshot photo with several effects in ProCreate, taking a new technology spin on the old image. Adding color to the doilies, and her own images from a fab-looking book called, “Cut Up This Book and Create Your Own Wonderland”, she makes beautiful mixed media pop art collage pieces.

She somehow manages to fit both a display of the final art and how she made it into a ten minute video! Watch her utilize the PM Artist Studio Stencils:

The Finished Collages




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