Death of the Dinosaurs Revisited…

Death of the Dinosaurs Revisited…

After the tags came this:
“Rainbow Reflections” AKA “Magic Cheetah”
So many times the remedy, “the fix” is what makes a ho-hum piece into a stunner. This is what I mean when I say, “Push it!”. Resist the urge to relegate that ugly art to the bin and try out this mindset: Ask yourself, what have I got to lose? If the answer is, nothing. There you go! Push it! Try something new or old or different because that is when the magic begins.
The present work, a slice of what is in the opening photo, had humble beginnings as the catch paper for a card background I was working up for M. Izzy (my granddaughter and muse) gave it a go with the markers (turquoise lines in the upper right corner) some of which survived–love that–AND so begins the transformation of trash into treasure. I need to say at this point some more stuff was added as another card part needed some spray.

As I inked up to try out the stamp, some were faded, some overlapped, rotated, turned slightly, and wedged into one another; thoughts were flying. Stamping over marks, lines, and spray spatter, a plan was emerging. Perhaps stones in a path or paw prints or camo or rocks in a stream bed…so many possibilities! The second photo is a closeup.

A light coat of ModPodge was brushed on…some bleeding in the marker line but not to worry. Edges were shored up using the Art Deckle ruler.

The predominant color was turquoise, so it became the first washy whisk of ink to cover spots that were not so pleasing and it just happened that this started the vertical alignment. Color repetition seemed warranted, felt right, and looked good.

Alcohol inks dry so quickly that it is possible to go in immediately and do a bit of scribbling with a gold ZIG Calligraphy pen for a bit of shine.
The next step is not exactly what I had hoped for it to be. What I thought was, this needs some dirtying up, way too bright and cheery! Out comes the Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain in Wilted Violet–such a lovely, transparent color…that just sits there, all beaded up, on the surface of the ModPodge.

The stain did not dry. Hmmmm. So I wiped it off, rubbing around over the whole paper which turned out to be rather effective as the stain was pushed into the little spots that weren’t covered in ModPodge.

When flipping the paper over to see if the Wilted Violet was visible from the back, it was apparent that where the paper was porous, the stain worked. Maybe more would be better, right?

A last coat of Mat ModPodge to seal it and that’s it. Done. I have some new ideas using what I learned here. So check back.

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