Old Is New with Artcurious by MNW

Old Is New with Artcurious by MNW

The June Makers Collaboration theme, Old Is New, presents Artcurious by MNW using three art items from Martha-SeekingForArt in the wonderful #OldIsNew YouTube Mixed Media Swap & Make Hop on June 17, 2023.

The Challenge

Beginning with the items Martha sent her, Myriam was inspired to create a Creation Tale, in both art and video.

The Art

With the background of a rainbow spread, she takes us on a non-binary journey back into the culture of several original peoples. Don’t miss the painted manikin torso, the sparkling tulle, and the incredible tale of Two Spirits.

The Tale of Two Spirits

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Two Spirits

The tools, the materials, the media, the embellishing, and dare I say … all the mixed media! Myriam’s video montage of concepts grow into the tale of creation.



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