Metallics Mixing Making Shimmer or Shine

Metallics Mixing Making Shimmer or Shine

Experiments and Observations… (Supplies Used Listed at End)

The question is, can a neutral-leaning, opaque metallic is used to create a transparent color that will have luminous properties? That was the guiding force behind this venture—and was fairly successful—as you observed in the live stream on Saturday. Do keep in mind that the amounts given are more of a suggestion rather than a precise measurement and there is room for a creative wiggle should the need arise. Just do remember that the more transparent the color, the more transparent the end results will be. Adding a retardant is not necessary but will allow for more time to fiddle about without the paint drying up on the plate. Consult the color wheel before layering because the transparent color will affect the underneath layer each time.

Want the Guide? Download a copy –> P’s Guide (mostly basic start – they are ever-evolving)

Now…sally forth and create!


Watch P as she creates some wonderful gelli prints with these very paints.

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