Always Flowers Artist Book

Always Flowers Artist Book

As promised! Journal pages for “Always Flowers” 🌸🌺🌸 are sort of finished…I still mess with them and probably will even after they are bound. The weather was beautiful the other day so conditions were ideal for making the coffee-stained signatures. There are a couple of pages that require further attention but who knows—those may become part of the next journal (already started Down & Dirty, journal #2). This journal-making is has taken over! The desk is now the repository for finished pages, snippets of torn paper, small boxes with bags of possible ‘grist for the journal mill’, papers hanging from bulldog clips, and others rolled up…waiting patiently for inclusion.

Whilst all this is churning, the card endeavor continues. The M of PM insists on material for card making so there is that…hmmmmm. Keeping a batch on hand is sometimes a challenge but lately, the journal-making experiments have segued nicely into ideas for card art! That is the beauty of being able to just go with the direction the art takes you, having no preconceived notions of outcome—just flying along where the art breeze goes—is such a joy.

In addressing the process of how the artwork pages come about, it is probably better communicated through a photo. Each page began life as that paper was placed down on the working surface to absorb runoff from ink or spray or paint. Originally, I kept them for collage purposes but one was particularly intriguing and I thought…hmmmmm…this could become a fabulous page for a journal!

This junk journal journey started off as an artistic detour to explore a new path, getting lost along the way, finding other interesting trails, collecting, and using all the wonderful discoveries made to make the trip a never-ending adventure!

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