Circle Journal – A Blackout Poem Spread

Circle Journal – A Blackout Poem Spread

An original blackout poem, monoprints, ruched gel printed tissue paper, embossed paper washers and a playing card turned artist’s card from P mixed in with some very lush curious line papers (metallic and skin/touch) to create the first of 12 spreads in our circle journal swap.

The circle journal was formed by members of one of the Facebook groups we regularly participate in. Luckily we put our name in early enough for a spot and so here we are with our first creation. Each of the members picked a theme, Rachel was our first recipient and her theme was poetry. After a bit of looking around for the right poem, M came across some blackout poems found on Pinterest when searching Art Journals with Poems. This was the starting point for the rest of the spread.
As stated the poem was really the start of it all and was formed out of an old paper sample book from M’s days working at a large print company. For more on the papers used please see the “ABOUT THE PAPERS” below. The poem paper started out as a pretty silver sheet with the text from the sample book and M thought it would be the launching point as far as color. Quickly that pivoted as the gel-printed papers were chosen. Eggplant and mulberry purples emerged and then so did the warmer golds, burnt oranges, and rich rusts. P’s gel prints set this project off and running, the poem was the inspiration but the prints added life. Now with that all being said we invite you to watch the video to see how it all came together. Thank you in advance and please like, subscribe, and comment. We love to hear from you!


The original paper is from a Neenah paper book from the Esse line or Stardream (Here is a link: We aren’t sure that exact paper is still available, but you can buy swatch books directly from their website! They also carry a similar paper in their Soft Touch line to what was used in this project. Another great source for finding and purchasing different papers is local to us but you can purchase online from Clampitt Paper Company. If you know a little about papers and brands then you will love this site. To buy our printed papers please check out our SHOP. And if you want to know exactly the types of papers P prints on HERE is that list which includes links to buy.

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